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1. EU – Journey into the depths
of fruit consumption

UKG / 1974
EU – Journey into the depths of fruit consumption

            The degree to which the photographer influences or creates the constellation in front of and with the camera could perhaps be related to the strength of the intention to formulate a certain message. In this respect, the type or degree of staging also plays an essential role in the realisation of this intentional design.


The selection and contextualisation of an image through the way it is published but also the caption continues to play an essential role in the formulation of intentions. The modifications of the image in post-production always pursue a certain intention: in the simple case it is to make the image appear in a certain aesthetic quality/convention, in the more complex case images are retouched or mounted to beautify bodies, remove unpleasant persons... Many of these processes are nowadays conventionalised to such an extent that they can be applied in a standardised way in the camera or in the further processing software.
We will deal with intentional image productions and produce images with intention.